Intercultural Development through Into Action



Into Action Media was launched in 1989. Our mission is to distribute television programs around the world that entertain, exhort and encourage, in other words, to market the video and ancillary products produced by IAM. Another goal is to generate significant financial contributions to the general fund in order to further the IAM vision. Since its inception there have been many achievements, among them are the continued marketing of the Sembulingam and Where Is Peace?

Purpose Behind

Into Action Media has also produced, in conjunction with companies like Nations Vision Network and Vijay Video Vision, various other gospel videos including TV specials. For example, a 2000 co-production in India birthed “Ellam Puthithaiena” and half hour-long television special which is already in global distribution. This was followed in 2001 by book of proverbs and the eclecesitess these are gospel-oriented animation specials which promise to become holiday classics. 

Redemptive Projects

And that’s not all; a newly implemented five-year plan continues to increase our role as providers of worthwhile, value-based programs. From Los Angeles to Madras, India, from South Africa to London, throughout Indian Languages spoken countries to the Middle East IAM programs will be aired. Our representatives literally cover the globe.

World wide

How do we do it? Because of our international experience we know the intricacies and sensitivities of doing business in an ever-changing world. We know that no matter what the culture, or the geography, Jesus Christ and then the family will always be the building blocks of society. And we know that providing original wholesome entertainment that parents welcome and children get excited about is universal in appeal.

Questions ?

Please contact our India associates:  Selvin Celladurai   91 9894045998